Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 61: X-Factor #71 (1991)

Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 61:
X-Factor #71 (October, 1991)
"Cutting the Mustard"
Written by Peter David with Pencils by Larry Stroman
Hello! In this episode, our blorks Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) read a title that was effectively rebooted--without being renumbered! It's Peter David's and Larry Strohman's X-Factor #71, published by Marvel Comics in 1991! There's the usual creator bios, and enough X-Men backstory to help frame the issue being read. Then, they dive into the history of the X-Men, including some of Chris' personal reminiscences collecting the X-Men series! It's like attending a day of classes at the Xavier School for Gifted Children, without paying tuition!

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Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 60: TRIGGER GIRL 6 and a Brief History of Fanzines

Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 60:

Greetings, comics enthusiasts! This week, our untrained assassins Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) dive into the first four issues of Image Comics' Creator-Owned Heroes and read every chapter of Trigger Girl 6 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Phil Noto! Inspired by the format of Creator-Owned-Heroes, the pair wander off on a tangent into the Weird and Comically Historical world of fanzines--specifically, comics fanzines! Describing a history and technique lasting since the 19th Century, they go on about fanzines of the past, and name a few printed fanzines that you can read today! Only the most ardent enthusiasts need apply.
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Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 50: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One

Cosmic Treadmill, Episode 50
Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1

For the landmark 50th episode of Cosmic Treadmill, Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) celebrate with the 50th anniversary celebration of DC Comics, and read issue #2 of Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez! After some creator bios and an exhaustive look at the conditions that created the DC Multiverse, our intrepid comics enthusiasts sift through every appearance of a central figure to Crisis--before the event ever happened! After a break, our Treadmillers summarize issue #1 and detail issue #2 of Crisis on Infinite Earths! And that's all we have time for this week--tune in next Sunday for part two of this series!
Pre-Crisis Monitor Appearances
To our knowledge this is every pre-Crisis appearance of the Monitor.  Did we miss any out?  Please let us know as we will endeavor to make this as complete a resource as possible.